Inner Work Community Calls

Jun 17

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What is inner work? in.ner work | noun

1. activity involving mental, emotional, and spiritual (sometimes physical) effort to achieve a purpose of result within the realms of the psyche: she was exhilarated after the day's inner work.

2. psychological activity as a means of progressing spiritually.

Through tending to our inner life, we make room to accomplish our dreams.

Inner work community calls are free weekly virtual events hosted by Joan of Sparc Founder + CEO Ciela Wynter, starting Thursday, June 17th!

Dive in, catalyze your growth, and get connected.

Inner work community calls include:

Guided meditation

Tools for inner work

Community connection

Opportunity to receive coaching on a personal challenge

and occasional special guests...

Bring a journal, a cup of tea, and a friend.

Do you have a personal challenge you would like to work on during the call? Email it to